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Before you think about running your toothbrush through the dishwasher or putting it in the microwave to disinfect it, know that it isn’t worth the hassle. We’ve all heard those stories about how much nasty bacteria is harbored in our toothbrushes, but did you know that there is no evidence that anyone has ever gotten sick from their own toothbrush. You can just give your toothbrush a good rinse under regular old tap, let it air-dry and store up right where your toothbrush isn’t touching anyone else’s brush. There are many mistakes we make in our oral care routines that we may not even notice. Let’s take a look at a few mistakes you could be making with your teeth:

Multitasking. We know that it’s easy to find other things to do while we brush our teeth but if you are paying attention to other things, you aren’t paying attention to your teeth. It’s best to give your full attention.

Your retainer. We get it – you’ve had to endure wearing braces. It’s time to celebrate. If you stop wearing your retainer regularly your perfect teeth will eventually start to shift. Be sure to wear your retainer.

Overcleaning your toothbrush. No tricks necessary. Make sure to give your toothbrush a good rinse with regular old tap water, let air-dry and store standing upright where it’s not touching anything.

Storing a wet toothbrush. It’s very important to store your toothbrush somewhere sanitary before you pack it away with any other luggage, and it’s equally as important to unpack it when arriving to your destination.

Skipping dental appointments. Some people suffer from dental anxiety which leads them to not going to the dentist. If you visit your dentist every six months for checkups, you’re less likely to run into dental problems.

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