When Your Teeth Are Too White | Henderson Dentist

We all want one of those room-lighting Hollywood smiles all of the celebrities have. So, we buy the toothpastes, whitening kits and professional treatments. After all, our smile is the first feature a stranger sees – it is important to make it look the best it can. But have you ever thought about the converse of this topic? Can your teeth ever be too white? There are quite a few ways to brighten your smile, making it difficult to dispute the saying. In fact, the most widely used oral products today are whitening strips and tray-based over the counter whitening kits. While tooth whitening can be a safe and effective technique, some individuals are going above the recommendations of their dentists. Therein lies the problem…

Individuals who overdo whitening techniques have noticeably Snow White teeth that oftentimes look unnatural. Some individuals get to the point where their teeth begin to inhibit transparent figures. Overuse of whitening products will cause major tooth sensitivity and leave patients more prone to needing root canal treatments. You may be surprised to know that if you over-whiten your teeth, you are essentially wearing down your enamel and that enamel is naturally tinged in yellow, so you are making your teeth yellow by overdoing the whitening.

Don’t worry – there is hope. If you are looking for a safer, more effective form of teeth whitening, consult your dentist. They will give you an overview of certain procedures and even offer some over the counter techniques that may be used, however only if used correctly.

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