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general dentistryDid you know it only takes 24 hours for plaque that is not removed from your teeth to turn into tartar? It’s scary but true. Daily home cleaning helps control plaque and tartar formation, but those hard to reach areas will always need special attention, so brushing your teeth on a daily is extremely important. If left untreated, only a dentist can help bring your smile back. At these cleaning appointments, the pocket depths will be carefully checked to ensure that they are healthy. Plaque and calculus that are difficult for you to remove on a daily basis will be removed from above and below the gum line. But that isn’t all you can expect from these important periodontal treatments:

Diagnostic x-rays. Essential for detection of decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss. X-rays also help determine tooth and root positions.

Examination of existing restorations. Check current fillings, crowns, etc.

Examination of tooth decay. Check all tooth surfaces for decay.

Oral cancer screening. Check the face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, cheek tissues, and gums for any signs of oral cancer.

Oral hygiene recommendations. Review and recommend oral hygiene aids as needed. (Electric toothbrushes, special periodontal brushes, fluorides, rinses, etc.)

Teeth polishing. Remove stain and plaque that is not otherwise removed during tooth brushing and scaling.

Good oral hygiene practices and periodontal cleanings are essential in maintaining dental health and keeping periodontal disease under control! Remember that prevention is the best treatment, however if you feel you need help preventing periodontal disease, do not hesitate to visit the dentist.

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No More Mercury Fillings!|Restorative Dentistry|Serving Las Vegas, NV

restorative dentistry mercury free fillings

Tooth-colored restorations mean mercury free fillings and no more discoloring smiles. The filling is natural-looking, compatible with tissue in the mouth, anti-abrasive, and plaque-resistant.

Amalgam fillings made of mercury are a thing of the past. Make sure your next filling is mercury free. Call the best in restorative dentistry, Dr. Patrick Simone DDS of Henderson, NV at 702-735-2755. Visit his website at www.patricksimonedds.com.

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What Are My Dental Filling Options? – Henderson, NV

Dr. Patrick Simone of Henderson, NV is an experienced dentist and offers plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to dental fillings.

Many patients are confused by what kinds of dental filling options are available for their procedure. The options vary depending on the patient’s health, where and how the filling is placed, the amount of chewing pressure the tooth will have to bear, components of the filling material and the number of visits needed to prepare and accommodate the tooth. Some of the choices include amalgam, composite and ionomers.

Amalgam fillings are very durable, easy to use, and inexpensive when compared to other materials. Since amalgam fillings can sustain very heavy chewing loads, they are usually used to restore molars. Some of the disadvantages of amalgam fillings are that the silver tone is not as natural looking, possible short-term sensitivity, and more tooth structure is removed to conform the filling.

Composite fillings are made out of a mixture of glass or quartz and resin, this mix produces a tooth colored filling. Composite fillings are durable and provide good resistance against fracture in small to medium restorations where there is moderate chewing pressure. Because less tooth structure is removed when using a composite, a smaller filling can be used than one using amalgam. Some downsides of composite fillings are that they are moderately more expensive than amalgam depending on the size of the filling and technique used by Dr. Patrick Simone, procedure time is generally longer than when using amalgam, and they tend to stain and discolor over time.

Ionomers, on the other hand, are made out of a mixture of acrylic acids and fine glass powders. Ionomers are usually utilized to fill cavities on the root surfaces of teeth or in small fillings that do not require any chewing resistance since they have low protection against fractures.

As with any procedure, Dr. Patrick Simone suggests to call us today at (702) 735-2755 or come into the office where he can fully discuss which option is better and most efficient for you.

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