Ways You May Be Harming Your Teeth | Henderson Dentist

We’ve all heard those stories about what types of things are on our toothbrush, but did you know that there is no evidence that anyone has ever gotten sick from their own toothbrush? The safest way to store your toothbrush is to rinse after each brushing session, and it let air-dry away from other toothbrushes. But there are other random habits you may be doing that are surprisingly bad for your smile:

Multitasking. As we rush around in the mornings we tend to multitask, like brushing your teeth while showering or scrolling through emails. However, if you’re multitasking while brushing your teeth you could be doing yourself doing yourself a disservice by preventing you from doing a thorough cleaning.

Ditching your retainer. If you’ve had braces, wear your retainer for as long as your orthodontist recommends. If you stop wearing your retainer regularly your perfect teeth will eventually start to shift, thus leaving you unhappy with your teeth all over again.

Overcleaning your toothbrush. There are many people disinfect their toothbrushes by zapping them in the microwave or by tossing them in the dishwasher, but these tricks actually aren’t needed. Taking these drastic cleaning measures can damage your toothbrush, defeating the purpose.

Travel case storage. It’s important to not pack a wet toothbrush in a travel case because bacteria thrive in moist conditions, so make sure to take your toothbrush out of its travel case to allow for it to air-dry.

Skipping the dentist. Some people suffer from dental anxiety which leads them to not going to the dentist, but by avoiding the dentist altogether you will only create more dental problems in the long run.

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