Can We Avoid Having a Root Canal? | Henderson Dentist

There are lots of reasons people are scared of the dentist, and they vary from certain sounds to fear of pain. It’s the common reason patients get spooked about going for regular checkups. And while there are plenty of ways to ease your fear, one procedure that always strikes fear in the heart of many a dental patient is the root canal. For one reason or another, it is the root canal that gives your typical dental patient the most anxiety. But this is where we have a double-edged sword – if you don’t keep your checkup appointments, it can lead to trouble down the road.

Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment is the obvious next step when the nerve of the tooth is infected due to exposure to bacteria. Because the buildup of bacteria is mainly caused by poor oral hygiene, it is essential to maintain excellent oral healthy by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash twice a day.

Although poor oral health is one of the main reasons for root canal therapy, failing dental restorations and cracked teeth also allow bacteria to leak inside the tooth and infect the nerve. Not only will this situation cause excruciating pain, but it will result in root canal therapy to treat your condition.

So, now that we know what poor dental hygiene will bring us, what is the easiest way to prevent us from needing this type of treatment option? The answer is simple – don’t be scared of the dentist. Scheduling regular visit with dental professionals on a regular basis will ensure that your teeth are thoroughly examined for any signs of decay or other dental predicaments. Avoid undergoing the painful symptoms of endodontic problems – keep up with your dental hygiene duties.

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