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Many dental practices use the term “sleep dentistry” when talking about IV sedation. This can be confusing for some because it suggests that you are being put to sleep. However, this terminology is more descriptive to deep sedation, which is classified as general anesthesia because you are not actually asleep during the procedures. Instead, IV sedation involves patients being induced in a state of deep relation and a feeling of not caring about what’s going on.

The drugs that are used for IV sedation produce either partial or full memory loss from the period when it kicks in until it finally wears off. As a result, time will seem to pass very quickly, and patients won’t recall much of went on. Many patients remember nothing at all. For those with dental phobia, it is an ideal choice.

The onset effects of IV sedation are very rapid, and the drug dosage and level can be altered to meet the individual patient’s needs. This is huge advantage compared to alternative sedation methods. IV sedation is both highly effective and highly reliable.

The gag reflex is greatly diminished, patients that receive IV sedation rarely experience gagging during the procedure. If you’re choosing IV sedation to reduce gag reflex, inhalation sedation is tried first. If that fails to diminish the gag reflex, then IV sedation is used.

Some treatments can be performed at a much faster pace and with less appointments with the help of IV sedation because it provides a conscious state for the patient, while also helping them relax.

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