The Difference Between Dental Implants and Bridges | Henderson Dentist

If you have experienced dental trauma, advanced gum disease, or deterioration of the underlying bone over time, it’s important to see your dentist sooner than later to assess surrounding teeth and gums. A cosmetic dentist may present two replacement options to consider; a fixed dental implant or bridge. It’s important to understand what these options entail in order to make the best decision for you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants require a more extensive procedure, but restore the entire tooth structure rather than simply fill in the gap. Simply put implants work by inserting a base into the jawbone into which a post with a crown on top can be placed. Implants provide stability and stimulation to the underlying bone which helps prevent resorption while looking and feeling like a natural tooth.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can actually be thought of as an actual bridge. An artificial tooth (or teeth) are fixed to crowns on adjacent teeth on either end that attach to healthy teeth, acting as the support posts if you will. The caveat to this solution is that if the tooth root is not replaced the bone may not get the stimulation it needs to remain healthy. Missing tooth roots could cause resorption, which causes the bone to lose density and shrink over time. Ultimately, this can cause one’s face to have a prematurely aged appearance.

Your dentist will review these procedures, benefits, and risks with you as you navigate your particular circumstances. Your dentist knows best and may encourage you towards one or the other option as they see fit. Be sure to ask your dentist any questions or concerns you may have prior to embarking on any given treatment option.

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