What Type of Toothbrush and Toothpaste is Right for Me? | Henderson Dentist

For most of us, “twice a day for two minutes” is a good enough rule of thumb for our oral hygiene, but what we brush with also matters. Dentists recommend soft bristle toothbrushes for people of all ages to decrease excess pressure and harsh brushing on your teeth and gums. Excess pressure while brushing can damage enamel and create microtears in your gum tissue. While it may feel like gentle brushing doesn’t accomplish the same clean as brushing with pressure, a thorough clean can still be accomplished while being kind to your gums.

Other decisions to make about your toothbrush include what materials it’s made from, bristle pattern and the addition of things like charcoal to the bristles. These factors play a lesser role in the maintenance of oral hygiene, but with options on the market, its best to be informed.

Plastic toothbrushes with rubber grips line the lisle, but did you know toothbrushes are also made with bamboo and plant-based, compostable materials? Toothbrushes made from plant materials contribute less plastic waste to our world; simply cut off the bristles and burry the handle in your yard (or as recommended by manufacturer).

All toothbrushes are designed to remove surface level food and stains, no matter the bristle pattern. Toothbrushes featuring additives such as charcoal are not inherently bad as they can complement a well-rounded hygienic routine, but unregulated use may damage your enamel more than it whitens your teeth.

Sensitivity toothpaste works by concealing dentinal tubules or desensitizing nerve endings. They also contain fluoride which works to strengthen enamel. If you experience pain while drinking hot or cold fluids, it may be a sign you need a toothpaste that works to relieve your sensitivity. It is important to speak with a dentist about these concerns as well, as it may indicate a more serious issue.

Lastly, the flavor of your toothpaste is entirely up to you and with so many options from bubble gum to mint, it may be fun to change up the flavors as you go!

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