When the Dentist Chair Makes You Nervous | Henderson Dentist

Let’s face it…the dentist isn’t anyone’s favorite appointment to make. But for some individuals, the fear of sitting in a dentist office is too much to handle. Too much to the point where they avoid going to the dentist at all. Unfortunately, this becomes an issue when dental issues develop into something worse. The point of regular dental checkups is to prevent any issues from developing into something more painful and extensive. So, having dental anxiety is nothing to mess around with as it can only cause trouble down the road.

Dental anxiety is a term used to describe the feeling some individuals get from going to the dentist or the thought of getting dental procedures. While anxiety levels vary in everyone, some individuals lose sleep or worry excessively about the dentist that the condition worsens every time they are faced with a new dental prospect. Fortunately, many dental professionals understand this issue and have addressed it by providing their patients with many creature comforts to calm the nerves during your visit. If you are looking to overcome your dental anxiety, here are some tips to help you.

Tell your dentist. Odds are your dentist understands exactly how you feel as they probably have other patients experiencing the same things.

Distract yourself. While you are in the office, watch some television, play some music, or read a book. Anything that will help you get your mind off of where you are. The point is to relax yourself.

Medicine. If you’re still feeling anxious even after you’ve relaxed your mind, talk to your dentist about general anesthesia or nitrous oxide to help you get through your procedures.

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