Too Much of a Good Thing | Henderson Dentist

“Your teeth can never be too white.”

We all want to have that perfect Hollywood smile and do anything we can to achieve that fantastic set of pearly whites. We straighten the crooked, we keep our mouths healthy with good dental hygiene and brighten our smiles through whitening treatments. And for the most part, these efforts have the desired outcome. Oddly enough, as the saying goes, some individuals are taking physical perfection to another level by over doing it on their teeth whitening procedures. The most widely used oral products today are whitening strips and tray-based over-the-counter whitening kits. While tooth whitening can be a safe and effective technique, some individuals are going above the recommendations of their dentists. And this is where they get into trouble.

Despite what we would like to believe, there is indeed such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. Individuals who overdo whitening techniques have noticeably “Snow White” teeth that oftentimes look unnatural. Some individuals get to the point where their teeth begin to inhibit transparent figures. Still not convinced that you can overdo it on whitening treatments? Overuse of whitening products will cause major tooth sensitivity and leave patients more prone to needing root canal treatments.

If you are looking for a safer, more effective form of teeth whitening, consult your dentist. They will give you an overview of certain procedures available and even offer some over-the-counter techniques that may be used. Take their advice to heart and remember – follow instruction for best results.

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