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Teeth are extremely durable, but they can chip or break sometimes. There are many situations that can result in chipped or broken teeth, such as having cavities that weaken the tooth to sport accidents. Fortunately, there are many restorative dentistry solutions to repair damaged teeth depending on the severity of damage. Some of those solutions include the following:

Bonding- If a small portion of your front tooth is chipped, your dentist may repair your tooth with dental bonding. To bond your tooth, your dentist will roughen up the edge of it with a gel, and then your dentist will apply a solution to bond the material. After bonding material is applied the tooth is shaped and then hardened with an ultraviolet light.

Veneers- Depending on the severity of the chip, veneers may be another option for you if you have chipped or broken tooth in the front area. A veneer is a thin piece of tooth colored porcelain or resin composite material that covers the whole front of the tooth, with a thicker area where the chip is. Your dentist will remove very little natural tooth, then rough it with a gel. After that your dentist will apply a special cement and place your veneer.  Once placed your dentist will use a light to activate chemicals in the cement to harden.

Crowns- If a large piece of your tooth breaks off or if it has decay, your dentist may have to grind away some of the tooth and use a special cement to place a crown. There are many types of crowns, porcelain crowns are the most popular. It takes two dentist visits to place your crown, the first visit molds of the tooth will be taken and sent off to a dental lab to create your custom crown. During that time a temporary crown is placed. At your second appointment, your temporary crown is removed, tooth will be cleaned and your custom crown will be placed with a special cement.

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Reducing your Fears of the Dentist | Serving Enterprise, NV

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Fear of the dentist is very common and at the office of Dr. Patrick Simone DDS we aim to reduce those fears. Dr. Simone DDS offer IV Sedation. IV Sedation is for patients with dental phobias and anxiety. It is a safe and simple way to reduce or eliminate fear and anxiety at the dentist.

During intravenous sedation (IV sedation), an anti-anxiety drug is administered into the bloodstream to produce a state of “conscious sedation.” Although you will not actually be asleep, you will enjoy a heightened state of relaxation and probably won’t remember much about the procedure afterwards. Your appointment will be a dream and hours in the chair will feel like minutes.

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