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‘Tis the Season: Chocolate Candy Edition | Las Vegas Edition

If you were good this year, chances are you found some chocolate in with your holiday gifts. And December 28 is the perfect day to enjoy those chocolatey treats. It’s National Chocolate Candy Day – an entire day devoted to the yummiest of confections! Yes, I know what you’re thinking…praising chocolate isn’t a dentist’s job. But c’mon – we know that chocolate is amazing. We may even enjoy a candy bar from time to time. This is the difference between a dentist and everyone else: We are all for you enjoying the national day – just remember to take care of your teeth afterwards.

According to the American Dental Association, we should be brushing two times a day for at least two minutes, just barely the appropriate amount of time to sufficiently remove dirt from the front and back ends of the teeth. After brushing, use dental floss to get in between and hard to reach areas. Floss removes any extra food particles left in between teeth. If left untouched, those particles may turn into plaque, resulting in a higher risk for gum disease. Flossing is merely the act of wrapping a piece of string around your teeth, one by one, in order to remove any bacteria and excess material stuck between each tooth. Wrap a piece of floss around your index fingers, pull it taut between your thumb and index finger and guide the floss in between each tooth in a downward zigzag motion, gently scrubbing the spaces between your teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach. Finally, rinse your mouth with an ADA approved mouth wash to seal the cleanliness in and for a trace of fresh breath. Top off your oral hygiene with a quick check-up after the holidays are over to make sure you didn’t develop any chocolatey dental issues.

But before we go, here are a few fun facts to enjoy while you are snacking on your chocolate candy:

Chocolate Facts

  • In 1828, Dutch chemist Coenraad Van Houten invented the hydraulic press that makes it possible to remove the cocoa butter from the cacao, producing a powder and making way for the first chocolate confections.
  • In 1847 cocoa butter, cocoa powder and sugar were combined by British chocolate company J.S. Fry & Sons to produce the first edible chocolate bar.
  • Whitman’s produced the first box of chocolate.
  • Hershey Chocolate company designed a specific chocolate bar for the U.S. Army. The D ration bar was included in the emergency rations and in the packs of soldiers when the Allied troops stormed the beach of Normandy on D-Day.
  • Americans consume 12 pounds of chocolate each year.

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6 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Mouth This Holiday Season

ThinkstockPhotos-485470868The holidays are time where many of us are filled with joy and excitement for the events we planned ahead. You may be hosting a holiday party or even have special holiday events to attend, and let’s face it these festivities are most likely going to have lots of appetizing food and beverages. It’s hard not to indulge in all of the delicious food and sweet treats, but as you indulge the sugars you consume could be taking a toll on your teeth. Most of us know how detrimental sugar is to teeth but during these times your oral health can slip your mind, don’t let it. While indulging in the delightful food and beverages, keep these six tips in mind so you can maintain a healthy mouth this holiday season:

Healthy Routine- Always brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes. This simple routine can make a huge difference over time.

Avoid Hard Candy- Not only do hard candies promote tooth decay, but the act of chewing on them can lead to a cracked or chipped tooth.

Limit Chewy Candies- During this time of year it’s hard not to munch on chewy candy like caramel, fudge or toffee. Just remember, sticker candies take longer to get washed away by saliva and may increase risk for tooth decay.

Drink Lots of Water- Be sure to drink water in between consuming sugary foods and beverages to rinse away excess sugar to decrease the chances of getting a cavity. If bottled water is a choice, make sure to choose the fluoridated bottled water.

Teeth Aren’t Tools- During the holidays it’s common to give and receive gifts. Some people get caught up in the excitement of opening the items that they’ll use their teeth to rip tags off new items or to bite through string. Avoid using your teeth as tools because this type of wear and tear can cause teeth to crack, chip and even break.

Dentist Visits- For added measures schedule a checkup and cleaning with your dentist once the holidays are over. It’s important to maintain regular preventative oral care during the holidays and throughout the entire year.

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