Top Five Dental Implant Myths | Las Vegas, NV

implant diagramFor many years, the only dental restoration option for tooth loss were dentures. Fortunately, thanks to the advances in modern dentistry, there are more options to choose from. One of the dental restorations available to replace missing are dental implants. Dental implants offer important advantages over alternative dental restoration options in terms of aesthetics, comfort, function and longevity. However, like many other dental treatments, there are myths surrounding dental implants that have made people shy away from the dental treatment. By exposing the truth behind the myths, you can make a more informed decision about whether dental implants are right for you.

Myth #1: Dental implants are noticeable.

Fact: One of the best things about dental implants is that they blend seamlessly with your existing teeth. In fact, dental implants closely resemble natural teeth. Unless you tell someone you have dental implants, chances are they won’t even notice.

Myth #2: Dental implant placement is painful.

Fact: Dental implants require surgery, so there will be some pain and discomfort. However, most patients that go through with the dental treatment find it no more painful than having a tooth pulled. Also, with the help of nitrous oxide or anesthesia, patients will have the chance to undergo a more comfortable procedure.

Myth #3: Everyone can get dental implants.

Fact: Not everyone can get dental implants. For patients to be an ideal candidate, they must have strong bone tissue in the mouth in order to secure the implant. A medical professional or qualified dentist can help determine if you’re an ideal candidate.

Myth #4: Dental implants are really expensive.

Fact: When considering the cost of dental implant, patients should take the long term expense into consideration as well. For example, dental implants are cheaper than a dental bridge in the long run because they last longer. Bridges only last 5-15 years, while dental implants can last up to 25 years before they need replaced, making dental implants more valuable in the long run.

Myth #5: Dental implants require a lot of work.

Fact: Several people think they need to spend more time caring for dental implants. However, implants can be treated like natural teeth. You care for your dental implant by brushing and flossing, and you can eat whatever you want and even chew gum. There’s no need to worry about taking any special precautions for implants.

There are several myths out there about dental implants. The best way to obtain accurate information regarding dental implants is to consult with a dental professional.

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